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    Capoeira Água de Beber is a proud member of the United Capoeira Association

    Água de Beber Teachers

    Mestre Galego  

    Mestre Galego, AKA Patrick Hilligan, founded and directs Capoeira Água de Beber and owns Move! Studio.  He has been training capoeira since 1990 and teaching since 2000.  Galego (Portuguese for Galecian, i.e. central European) spent the 90's living in the San Francisco Bay Area learning from Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Rã before graduating and becoming a Professor in July, 2000.  In September, 2000 he moved to Sacramento to start his career teaching capoeira.  He opened his own academy in 2001, and in 2005 was promoted to the level of contramestre.  As well as continuing to learn and train capoeira Galego earned his Masters of Science, Physical Education in 2007.  After teaching more thatn 6000 capoeira classes, performing all over Northern California, and completing his seventh trip to Brazil, Galego became a mestre in August 2013.


    Cordão Azuls and Professors

    ADB student instructors teach classes at Move! and other locations, especially the cordão azuls, or upper level students.  Cordão azul refers to the blue cord given to individuals who have at least 5 years training.  Currently active ADB Azuls include Macarrão, Castanho, Bebida, Caçador, Força, Moleque, Urshinho, and Largatixa.  ADB has four graduated students so far, Professor Irmão, Professora Caxias, Professora Borbulias, and Professor Bode.


    United Capoeira Association Teachers 

    Mestre Acordeon

    Ubirajara Almeida is a student of legendary Mestre Bimba and was one of the first capoeira masters to perform and teach in the United States.  In 1979 he began his work in the Bay Area, building a group and a school.  Mestre Acordeon wrote the first book in English about capoeira, has recorded 13 albums of capoeira music, is responsible for introducing capoeira to several generations of North Americans, and continues to be one of the most infuluential masters around the world.

    Mestra Suelly, Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Rã

     Mestre Rã

    Casio Martinho was born in Jundai, Brazil where he practiced capoeira since his childhood.  He lived in Bahia where he studied and performed capoeira with many old masters.  Later Mestre Rã trained with Mestre Suassuna in São Paulo and won several national capoeira competitions.  In the 90's Mestre Rã lived in the Bay Area where he worked with Mestre Acordeon and co-founded the United Capoeira Association.  Today Mestre Rã continues to teach capoeira at his school in Jundai.

    Mestra Suelly

    Suellen Einarsen started learning capoeira in 1982.  In 2000 she became the first american woman to earn the title of mestre, establishing herself as a pioneer and role model.  Mestra Suelly has taught and performed capoeira all over the world as well as helping to establish and direct the United Capoeira Association.  Today she continues to teach capoeira together with Mestre Acordeon at their school in Berkeley and around the world.

    2005 United Capoeira Association formatura (graduation)

    As well as Água de Beber in Sacramento, the United Capoeira Association includes branches in Berkeley (Mestre Acordeon, Mestra Suelly), Jundiai Brazil (Mestre Rã), Denver (Mestre Galo), Tucson (Contramestre Enxu), Los Angeles (Professor Guatambu), Miami (Professora India), Ukiah (Professor Carranca), and Hayward (Professor Recruta).