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“Wherever life takes you, Patrick, follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled. If you stay true to yourself and chase your dreams, you can make them come true.” These were weighty words for a seven-year-old, but Patrick Hilligan took them to heart, and embarked on a lifelong quest for the extraordinary. 

In Playing in the Light, we follow Hilligan’s adventures through his youth and into adulthood, from rural Illinois, Roman ruins in Italy, a kibbutz in Israel, and to the Great Pyramids of Egypt. In Ireland he finds his roots, in California his purpose, and in Brazil a doomed romance. Via hitchhiking, a beloved motorcycle, and interminable Brazilian bus rides, he encounters American bandits and an indigenous Mexican shaman, gets swept up in Oaxaca City’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and exults in Bahian Carnaval.

Following the revelations of a self-made vision quest in the wilderness, Patrick launches wholeheartedly into learning capoeira, a 500-year-old Brazilian martial art rich in acrobatics, dance, music, and philosophy. It is through capoeira that he finds the purpose, meaning, and bliss he has so intensely pursued all his life. Along with delving deep into the art, confronting adversaries, learning to master his own emotions, and studying the fascinating lives and characters of his mestres (teachers), Patrick finds international community, personal growth, and a career—becoming one of the first North Americans to open a capoeira school and attain the title of mestre.

In addition to its appeal as an adventure story, memoir, and study of a unique tradition, Playing in the Light is an inspiration, revealing how youthful ideals can come to fruition, including making a positive impact while rejecting complacency and corruption. It is a call to follow the deepest yearnings of the heart, and find fulfillment despite the challenges life brings. 



Release date: October 1, 2018

More details TBA!